Custome Peptide Synthesis

Custome Peptide Synthesis

  • Highly competitive  with best price guarantee.

  • 99.8% success rate of peptides under 40aa, with "No Peptide, No Charge" policy.

  • cGMP peptide synthesis service is available for pharmaceutical grade peptides.

  • For peptides up to 120aa; from crude to 99% purity; starting from 1 milligrams to kilograms.

  • Wide range of peptide modifications available.

  • All peptides come with MS and HPLC data. Additional analytical data is available upon request.

  • Fast turnaround time - most peptides under 30aa are delivered within 4-6 weeks.

Peptide Modification Capabilities:

 N-terminal modification

* Acetylation  * Formylation  * Fatty acid  * Myristoylation * Palmitoylation  * Succinylation  

 C-terminal modification 

* Amidation  * pNA * AMC  * NHS  

 Peptides containing unusual amino acids

* D-amino acids  * N-Methyl amino acids * Phosphorylation of Tyr, Ser or Thr  

 Fluorescence dye labeling

* Biotin  * FITC/5-FAM (N-Terminal)  * Dansyl (N-Terminal) * MCA (N-Terminal)  * HYNIC (N-Terminal)  

 Quenched fluorescent peptide

* Abz/Tyr (3-NO2)  * EDANS/DABCYL  

 Peptide cyclization

* Disulfide bridge formation  * Amide cyclization  

 Protein conjugation

* KLH  * BSA  

 MAPS peptides

* Asymmetric 4 branches  * Asymmetric 8 branches

Pricing: Please contact at (We accept Minimum 10 anino acid to be synthesize )

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