Molecular Weight Determination of protein and peptides

Need to know the exact molecular weight of your protein?  

Mass spectrometric analysis provides the molecular weight (Mw) of your intact protein. You deliver a liquid or lyophilized sample in microgram quantities.  

We provide

 Accurate MW determination by either MALDI or ESI mass spec   Analysis report  Easy to understand reports  

Your sample is dissolved, micro purified and analysed by either MALDI  or ESI mass spectrometry.  

MALDI-MS analysis works well for small and large proteins. The Mw determination is most accurate for proteins with Mw below 50 kDa.  

ESI-MS analysis is very accurate and can be performed on proteins of size up to 150 kDa.

You will receive  

Results are delivered in a detailed and easy to understand report in PDF format containing: •    The MS spectrum •    Table of molecular weights determined

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