N-Terminal Sequence(Up to 5 to 15 amino acid)

  The N-terminal Edman Sequencing service will provide the data.  

  • Get the first 5, 10 or 20 amino acid residues from the N-terminal

  • Analysis performed on PVDF membrane gel blots, and purified proteins in solution

  • Clear and easy to understand reports  

We Provide

Automated Edman sequencing of the protein or peptide. The Edman degradation chemistry is a cyclic procedure where the PITC reagent is coupled to the free N-terminal amino group and cleaved off the protein. The PITC coupled residue is transferred to a flask, converted to a PTH-residue and the amino acid is identified by HPLC chromatography. The Edman degradation reaction cycle is repeated and a sequence of N-terminal amino acids is determined. The Edman sequencing analysis will not work if the N-terminal amino group is blocked for the PITC chemistry due to eg. acetylation or pyroglutamic acid which is frequent for antibodies. If the sample contains more than one protein, the chromatography will show multiple amino acids and a sequence cannot be read.  

You will receive

You will receive a detailed and easy to understand report by e-mail containing:

 Amino acid sequence interpreted from the analysis data  Raw data HPLC chromatograms of each Edman degradation cycle

Sample Preparation: PVDF membrane cut band

For Liquid samples

1. Purity and sample amount  1. The chromatographic protein purity should be >90% 2. Avoid all detergents and keep buffer concentration at a minimum.  3. Tris, glycine, guanidine, glycerol, sucrose, ethanolamine, SDS, Triton, X-100, Tween and other detergents, ammonium sulfate and other ammonium salts are among the reagents which may interfere with Edman chemistry and should be avoided. 4. Avoid contamination of the sample with dust, i.e. human keratin 5. Minimum amount ~ 1-10 micrograms

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