Complete Amino Acid Analysis

Amino Acid Analysis determines the quantities of eighteen amino acids. These are the standard 20 amino acids except for tryptophan and cysteine. Asparagine is determined as aspartic acid and glutamine as glutamic acid. 

The total protein amount is determined from the sum of the individual amino acids.

  • Quantification of 18 Amino Acids

  • Sensitivity to low microgram amounts

  • Accuracy within +/- 10%

  • Protein amount determined from custom sequence

  • Easy to understand reports

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Proteins/peptides are hydrolyzed in the gas phase using HCl. The released amino acid residues are separated by ion exchange chromatography on an amino acid analyzer. The individual amino acids are reacted with ninhydrin and quantified.

You will receive

Results are delivered in a detailed report in PDF format containing: •    Amino acid table with determined amounts in picomole and micrograms  •    Raw data HPLC chromatogram.

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