Protein or Peptide Gel based identification

Identification by MALDI-MS/MS

MALDI mass spectrometry is a fast and robust technique where the mixture of peptides is deposited in a dry matrix and analyzed by MS and MS/MS. This analysis is best suited for bands or spots from 1D/2D gels containing 1-3 proteins where the peptide mixture is not too complex.   

Identification by nanoLC-MS/MS

Nano-LC-MS/MS analysis is a slow, delicate and very sensitive technique where the mixture of peptides is separated by a HPLC gradient and each peptide analyzed in-solution by ESI MS/MS on a QTOF mass spectrometer. This analysis is well-suited for complex mixtures of peptides from multiple proteins, and often identifies 5-50 proteins in each sample.  

Identification service by both MALDI MS/MS and nanoLC MS/MS gives you:

 The highest sensitivity - Coomassie & Silver stained proteins are identified.  Fast analysis - Identification results.  High confidence - Identification based on MS/MS peptide sequencing.  Documentation - Clear and easy-to-understand reports.
<div style="\&quot;text-align:" center;\"="">Sample Preparation Guidelines Proteins from 1D SDS PAGE and 2D PAGE gels can be submitted for protein identification analysis.

1. Run your 1D/2D gel. 2. Stain the gel with Coomassie Blue, SYPRO Ruby or Silver stain


1. Coomassie Blue and SYPRO Ruby works well in combination with mass spectrometry

2. Silver stain –Do not destain silver-stained samples!

3. Cut out the bands/spots of interest 1. Use a clean scalpel and tweezers 2. Cut out the gel band close to the stain edges to have the highest protein concentration in the smallest gel volume. Ideal band size is 2 x 5 mm.  Do not cut the gel sample into tiny, tiny gel pieces! 3. Clean the scalpel in-between spots/bands

4. Put the samples into separate wells/tubes with water 1. Use the 96-well plate or Eppendorf Safe  lock tube or similar tubes from your lab. 2. Add 100-200 μl distilled water to keep each gel plug wet. 3. Use the rubber lid for the 96-well plate. Make sure the lid is properly closed.

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