Customized Recombinant Protein Production

Custom Protein Production  

We proudly offers highly competitive recombinant protein production services with quality guarantees! We offer different packages for both our E.coli and Yeast expressed protein services. All of our projects are performed by specialists with years of experience. You’ll receive customer support and updates throughout the entire design and expression process by our sevice provider. Our guaranteed protein packages finished within 6-8 weeks.  Also we can offer you our 5300+ recombinant proteins.  

Why Choose us for Customized Proteins?: We can help in designing the sequence and offer multiple tags, quantities, and purities. Risk-Free Packages: These packages are guaranteed. Knowledgeable Support: You can call or e-mail our technical support for professional help. Affordable Price:  We can save you money without ever sacrificing the quality.  

Request quote for price Prices start from Rs. 1,50,990.00 Purity: 85%/90%/95% by SDS-PAGE Purity: 90% by SDS-PAGE Quantity: 3mg/5mg/10mg/15+mg by Bradford assay. Quality Control: SDS-PAGE and WB (for tagged proteins only)

Additional Services Upon Request:  Tag-free; Endotoxin removal; MALDI-TOF identification (for tag free proteins) <div style="\\&quot;text-align:" center;\\"="">Project Outline Phase I: Gene Synthesis

  • Codon optimization for specific expression system

  • Gene Synthesis

  • Free sub-cloning into expression vectors

  • Timeline: ~5 weeks


Phase II: Protein expression and purification

  • Pilot expression optimization

  • Scale up expression

  • Purification

  • QC by SDS-PAGE and Western Blot

  • Timeline: 2-4 weeks

  • Deliverable: Purified protein at specified requirements and project report   


Phase III: Endotoxin Removal (optional)

  • Endotoxin removal for all the glass ware, raw material and equipment

  • Control the contamination during purification process

  • Final elute from endotoxin removal column

  • QC by gel clot assay for endotoxin level

  • Timeline: 1-2 weeks

  • If failed on endotoxin removal, deliver protein and only charge for Phase I + II

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