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Proteomics is the study of various type of proteins and peptides. Shotgun proteomics is a method for identifying and quantifying proteins and has been optimized by the scientific research community to permit near-profiling of almost any sample. Using modern methods and instrumentation, many thousands of proteins may be routinely identified at sub-nanogram quantities. Shotgun proteomics is currently used in a wide variety of applications, from discovery of biomarkers for disease diagnosis and prognosis to quality control of bioprocessing pipelines to validation of moclonal antibodies.
At its core, shotgun proteomics consists of using an enzyme to digest proteins into peptides which are then sequenced by fragmentation in a tandem mass spectrometer followed by matching of the fragmentation pattern against protein sequence libraries or libraries of validated experimental spectra. Shotgun proteomics applications typically require a sequenced genome for the organism of interest. As the genomes of more and more organisms are sequenced the range of applications for shotgun proteomics are similarly increasing.

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