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MetaGenePro Tech is dedicated to providing proteomics, mass spectrometry and Bioanalytical services with targeted support to pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology industries and academic research scientists worldwide. We are having the requisite experience and state-of-the-art technology to analyze your protein sample in the most extensive way currently possible. We use the two dimensional difference in gel electrophoresis (2D-DIGE), iTRAQ, TMT, advanced tandem mass spectrometry (aka LC-MS/MS), Multi Dimensional Protein Identification Technology  and multi-analyte profiling technologies to provide unsurpassed qualitative and quantitative proteomics services. We can perform protein and peptide sequencing, peptide mass fingerprinting (PMF) and post translational modification (PTM) mapping. We utilize validated sample preparation kits to process your samples (Animal/Plant/Prokaryote), use standard protocols, international standards and best practices for sample preparation and data analysis. This ensures that your result is authentic, reproducible and publishable in high impact journals. We have supported many major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, universities and government research laboratories.

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